The Syncros Nanaimo 1200 light is a front mounting night light offering 1200 lumen of power from two LEDs and featuring 5 running modes. In light sensitive mode, the built in light sensor enables it to shift to the most efficient running mode between "to see" and "to be seen" depending on the ambiant lightening. A variety of mounts are available be it for a regular handlebar or our range of integrated cockpits such as the Fraser or Creston range, simply choose the right mount for you. On our integrated cockpits in particular, the device fits neatly under the bar for a clean and minimalist look. The body is constructed to allow for maximum cooling of the LEDs leading to longer and more powerful run times without the drop off in power usually associated with LED lights operating at high capacities. The USB-C port allows you to plug the light to higher amperage ports, shortening the charging time compared with standard Micro-USB ports.


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